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12 Home Design Trends for 2016

The National Association of Home Builders came out with 12 design trends for 2016 after the awards show at the NAHB Builder’s Show in Las Vegas. At Stebral Construction we make it a priority to stay up on the design trends so that we are able to offer you all the things you are wanting in your new home. We are excited about this year’s home building style because we are well versed in adding the custom touches that these trends require. Wood accents and outdoor living seem to be the mainstay and we are pros at both! We build custom barn doors and offer all types of custom wood and reclaimed barn wood accents. We also have years of experience designing outdoor living spaces to fit with any home.

Check out this year’s home building trends

Intimate Outdoor Spaces. Many single-family custom and production homes include intimate outdoor gathering spaces, seen as a trend in many industry surveys, and complete with outdoor fireplaces or fire pits and cozy seating. These spaces are geared toward smaller gatherings, as opposed to the extended family-size back yards of the past.

Mid-Century Modern Detailing. Mid-century modern is now 21st Century chic in furniture, elevation design and detailing. Particularly in California and Nevada, more homes reference this easily recognizable style.

Indoor-Outdoor Convergence. What was once a distinct line between two living areas — indoor and outdoor —  has been replaced by floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls and screens. Families can both visually and physically move between these areas.

Troughs and Spouts. Outdoor tables with open, trough-like water channels add interest, often culminating in a delicate waterfall off the edge of the table into a pool or water feature below.

Board and Batten Used Inside and Out. More often used as exterior cladding, board and batten is being featured inside quite a few homes now as well, adding a three-dimensional layer to interior finishes and providing an interesting alternative to paint and wallpaper.

Copper Bathtubs. These are a popular bathroom feature in quite a few award-winning homes. These tubs are a striking addition in any home, from rustic to modern to traditional.

White with Exotic or Repurposed Wood Accents. Many winning interiors feature stark, modern white paired with rich wood accents, a striking combination in flooring, ceilings and cabinets.

Modern Industrial Accents. Making its strongest appearance in multifamily projects, this trend combines sleek lighting and furniture with the brick, glass and steel elements of a building’s shell and skeleton. Vibrant pops of color offset the cooler color palette of metals and whites.

Barn Doors. Barn doors are appearing everywhere, from kitchens to mudrooms to closets. These offer an alternative to traditional left- or right-hung doors and become a design feature of the home, unlike pocket doors that tuck away.

Intricate Stairways. Overall, stairways are becoming more prominent and sophisticated. BALA winners featured curving glass railings, detailed iron newel posts, unique stair accent walls, glass treads and intricate tile work.

Low-Impact Design. Many BALA winners and entrants included sustainable and green features in their designs, including permeable pavers, rain gardens and landscaping with native species.

Waterfall Islands. Still trending are waterfall-edged islands, in which the kitchen bar is inset into the cabinetry rather than extended beyond it. These islands, whether made of wood, granite or marble, emphasize clean, modern lines.

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