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October 2016

Our 5 Favorite Luxury Bathroom Trends

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An important space in any home, a bathroom serves as a place for function as well as a getaway space to relax and unwind. When designing a luxurious bathroom it is important to stay up-to-date on the newest trends and conveniences to make your space stand out. There are a lot of rising trends this year and these are our 5 favorite:


Adding wood amongst tile and stone brings in a natural warmth that makes your space feel cozy and luxurious. In previous years, wood was considered a no in any bathroom space so we love how 2016 has put our favorite material in a place where homeowners spend a lot of time and effort designing.

Double Shower Heads

Rain showers have been gaining popularity in past years, but having two of them just screams luxurious. Adding that extra shower head doesn’t clutter up your design, yet adds a very regal feel to your bathroom space.


White bathrooms are in full swing this year. Creating a clean and contemporary look, whites are being paired with bold tiles to create more dynamic spaces.


With the return of modernism in design, the next trend brings us back to a clean and practical look. Spacial planning has gained speed in 2016 and will continue into next year. Making sure there are places to hide your bathroom items is a must for a clean design so make sure you have a specific place for your hair dryer and lotions to keep your bathroom feeling luxurious and well planned.

Industrial Chic

Industrial design has been rising in popularity in the home, but this year is making it’s way into the bathroom. Concrete style tiles and metal fixtures will be a new favorite in the coming year but remember that an industrial look can be cold and harsh, so that is where our first favorite comes in. Adding contrast like wood and plush bath mats can soften the look and add a bit of coziness to your space.

So there are our 5 favorites, if you are interested in a bathroom remodel or design, please let us at Stebral Construction in Iowa City know how we can help get you started.

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